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The Creative Workshop this year lived up to its billing as 'creative'; the Corona virus prompted a move to an on-line experience. This did not stop the many participants using a wide range of media to explore the story of Ruth as part of the Methodist Church 'Bible Month'.
The four days each consisted of three sessions that people could join for as long as they wished; each session began with a short time of discussion over the passage of the day and how people intended to express that in their work.
The final evening session showcased the work that had been done, this ranged from dance, marquetry, poems, photography, wall hangings, textiles, drawing as well as images created using computer software. This brought a depth to the story beyond the printed words.
Many picked up the theme of the family tree that led to Christ, refugees and famine emerged, as did the male dominated culture of that time; and interestingly, how the Judaic law made provision for the widow and the foreigner.
The workshop provided great insight into the book of Ruth, made space in the day for reflection on the issues raised and created the opportunity to join with others to share our interest and faith.

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