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These are challenging times and sometimes we need a bit of support along the way. Here are some local contacts who are offering help in some form or other. Don't be alone.
North Yorkshire County Council have established four local community support hubs to help provide advice, deliver groceries and prescriptions. These hubs are hosted by:
Hudson House in Reeth (tel: 01748 880021)
Leyburn arts and Community Centre in Leyburn (tel: 01969 624510)
The Bridge in Catterick Garrison (tel: 01748 832271)
Upper Dales Community Partnership in Hawes (tel: 01969 667400)
We have been advised that due to lockdown the UDCP office will have fewer staff so please try these first phone: 07817 711227
If you are looking for something beyond practical help then the Methodist Church website is offering daily prayers where you an offer prayer for others, daily Bible Study and Sunday services and much more. Follow this link.

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