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Art Workshop 2020

Wednesday 1 July
The first of the 2020 Creative Workshops happened on-line today. Previously we have met in church premises and enjoyed chat, discussion with those present and we've had books to peruse and a vast array of materials to choose from. This year Corona virus has demanded a new, dare I say creative approach.
Meeting on-line using 'Zoom' enabled many to come together to look at the Bible Month book of Ruth. Three two-hours sessions were open during the day for people to drop in and out as they wished. To gain most from the session it was best to be there at the start of the two hours to hear a bit about the book and how participants would develop their ideas.
The 'Zoom' facility was left open and people could leave their microphone and camera on and be 'available' to engage with others who wished to chat and show what they were doing. Some preferred to turn off the camera and microphone so they could concentrate on their work. Some re-joined later in the session or even later in the day.
Being on-line did not constrain ideas; macramé, painting, drawing, dance (yes, dance) and textile work were adopted to explore such ideas from refugees and famine to the ancestry of Jesus.
There are three further workshops this month, Monday 13th, Tuesday 21st and Wednesday 29th; you can join any of the three two-hours sessions on each of those days at 10am, 2pm and 7pm.
Make a space in your diary and enjoy a relaxing day reflecting on the love story that is 'Ruth'.
For more information or to register, please email alan.coustick@methodist.org.uk (01833 908604)

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