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Middleham Methodist Church
Contact: Rev'd Janet Park
01969 623818

There has been a Chapel in Middleham since 1797 — the first Methodist Chapel in the Dales.

The first chapel building became too small and was made into a preacher's house in 1824. In the same year a new Wesleyan Chapel was built nearby seating 350. This was a venture of faith, as there was still a debt on the first chapel. It took thirty years to clear the debts. Further improvements were made and the present schoolroom was added in 1896.

Around the same time there was also a thriving Primitive Methodist Chapel in Middleham, near the lower Market Place, with records dating from 1836.

In due course the Wesleyan Chapel (West End) of 1824 became unfit for worship and in 1907 it was proposed to build a new one, though this was not opened till 1917 costing £1,100 and seating 200.

New developments in the area had been anticipated but did not take place and eventually it was clear that the town could only support one Methodist Church. The 'Market Place' chapel closed in 1977 and a Methodist witness has continued in the newer present building, with renovations from time to time.

In 2017 the 'new' building will be 100 years old and Methodism in Middleham itself will have been going for 220 years. The Anniversary will be celebrated on the second Sunday in May; 14th May 2017. Watch out for details on what will happen.