North Yorkshire Dales Methodist Circuit

Walk with Jesus-Witness to others-Worship the Lord

  • Revd Janet Park (Superintendent Minister)
  • Methodist Church Office, Dove Cottage, Moor Road,
  • Leyburn
  • N Yorkshire
  • DL8 5DH

01969 623818

West Scrafton

West Scrafton ChapelNicholas Manners preached in the village public house. The room was over the cellar; once, during the singing of the hymn 'Vain delusive world, adieu', the floor gave way and precipitated the congregation amonst the barrels! On investigation it was found the main supporting beam had been sawn almost through by an opposer of this new religion!

Two chapels were built, one at Bridge End ( Primitive) and the other at North End (Weslyan).

Over the years only one has survived.


 Minister: Revd Janet Park

  Dove Cottage, Moor Road
  North Yorkshire
  DL8 5DH

  Tel:01969 623818





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