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James, a letter forever

Creative workshops
Art — Craft — Poetry — Creative writing

This year the circuit is taking the opportunity to explore the letter of James, as a part of Bible Month, with three creative workshops.

With themes like 'living the faith', 'justice', 'evil speech', 'caring' and 'conflict', James offers many and various creative responses:

  • meditative colouring,
  • poetry and prose,
  • song writing,
  • painting and drawing,
  • sculpture and photography.

    The list is endless.

    The workshops are suitable for all; including you, your friends, family and neighbours. You can work individually or collaborate with others on a joint project, it will be whatever you make it.

    This is for all people, not just artists, and not just Christians. It will be a non-threatening place to discover more about the Christian faith.

    All workshops start at 10am and close at 4pm.

    You are welcome to all workshops, stay all day or just for a few minutes.

    Materials and equipment will be provided; and you are free to bring your own.

    You are invited to bring your own lunch; drinks will be available.

    Tue & Wed 20 & 21 June
    Richmond Methodist DL10 4AE

    Sat 24 June
    Gunnerside Methodist DL11 6LA

    There is no charge for the workshops; donations will be accepted for materials and drinks.

    Contact Kevin Pellatt for more details.