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The service at Hawes St Margaret's this Sunday 15 October at 10.30am will be led by Mr Allan Dinsdale.

Sun 15 October 6.30pm at Aysgarth will be the ''COVER BRIDGE QUARTET'' for the chapel anniversary.

The service at Melmerby on Sun 22 October will be led by Mr Rowland Dent instead of Mr Allan Dinsdale.

The service at Richmond on 22nd October 6.30 p.m. will be led by Mr Ashley Barker.

Richard Wilkinson will take a service at Aysgarth Chapel on Oct 22nd at 6-30pm (note change in time) instead of the morning of 22nd Oct.

Mr Geoff Phillips will be the preacher at Leyburn on 5th November instead of Mrs Eunice Page