North Yorkshire Dales Methodist Circuit

Walk with Jesus-Witness to others-Worship the Lord

  • Revd Janet Park (Superintendent Minister)
  • Methodist Church Office, Dove Cottage, Moor Road,
  • Leyburn
  • N Yorkshire
  • DL8 5DH

01969 623818


Melmerby ChapelMelmerby appeared on the preaching plan between 1828 until 1863. Then for a number of years like minded Methodists met in local houses until 1894 when the society purchased a former joiners' shop for £50 in 1894. 

Its present membership totals six.


 Minister: Revd Janet Park

  Dove Cottage, Moor Road
  North Yorkshire
  DL8 5DH

  Tel:01969 623818





For details of Sunday Services please see chapel entry in the Circuit Plan.
Further information available from the Minister.

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