North Yorkshire Dales Methodist Circuit

Walk with Jesus-Witness to others-Worship the Lord

  • Revd Alan R Coustick (Superintendent Minister)
  • Methodist Church Office
  • Leyburn
  • N Yorkshire
  • DL8 5EL

01969 625749


Carlton ChapelCarlton (in Coverdale), appears on our earliest Circuit Plan, 1815, when a service was held in the village every Sunday; in the home of a certain John Yeoman.

A chapel was built, on the site of the present chapel, in 1815. It war either enlarged or re-built in 1880; with a porch being added at a later date.


 Minister: Revd Alan A Coustick
  Methodist Church Office
  North Yorkshire
  DL8 5EL

  Tel:01969 625749




For details of Sunday Services please see chapel entry in the Circuit Plan.
Further information available from the Minister.

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